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The best hospitality in Medina

The southwestern central area behind the Al-Ghamama Mosque, near to Bab Al-Salam and Bab Quba of the Prophet's Mosque

This building is like a treasure as the exterior of the hotel does not suggest what it contains Of precious jewels and precious things, and that as soon as you set foot on the reception grounds of this hotel So that you can feel the luxury of the place, which in turn is reflected in every nook and corner of the hotel

The designers have taken care of every technical and technical detail to obtain satisfactory results for the guests

With us, you do not feel the time and we are confident that your first visit will not be the last

The hotel contains 130 rooms and suites, including suites of a very high-end and distinguished level

Most of the rooms have a great view

This hotel also features high-end and integrated hotel services, whether room services or restaurants

Or laundry or other special services that make you feel how important you are to us

Your satisfaction is our highest goal

Address:- Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah - the southern central region - behind Al-Jazirah market

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